Neck Massage

45 / 60 / 90 minutes

How about a relaxing shoulder and neck massage? These areas are considered sources of tension. The firm massage strokes shall help relieve tension from your muscles. The massage strokes help taking your stress and tension to the outer areas.

Back Massage

45 / 60 / 90 minutes

Nothing relaxes you more than a good back massage. The massage strokes help improving your blood circulation to the muscles. This help removing toxins and carry nutrients to them. You not only enjoy the massage, but also benefit from it.

Tropical Fruit Wrap

60 minutes

A gentle exfoliation and an exotic body pack of farm fresh, anti-oxidant rich, tropical fruits like papaya, banana and oranges mixed with Ayurvedic herbs ensures your skin stays soft and supple. Suitable for all skin types.

Himalayan Salt Scrub and Chandan Pack

90 minutes

A body scrub using organic Himalayan salts followed by an aromatic sandalwood pack giving your skin a youthful glow and toned look. Suitable for all skin types.

Reviving Salt Body Polish

45 minutes

Cold pressed oils and natural sea salts are blended with essential oils and herbs for gentle exfoliation that leaves the skin smooth and radiant. Suitable for all skin types.

Balancing Sugar Body Polish

45 minutes

Cane sugar, coconut, cold pressed and essential oils gently exfoliate, nourish and revitalise dry skin.

Vetiver Facial

60 minutes

Blended with the goodness of wheatgerm oil, it provides facial skin with the essential nutrients for rejuvenation and toning. Suitable for all skin types.


90 minutes

A full-body Ayurveda massage followed by a Shirodhara is the perfect de-stressing remedy for your body, mind and the senses.

Floral Indulgence – Ayurveda

60 minutes

A full-body massage using Ayurveda herbal oils and a floral bath in a private Jacuzzi along with the aroma of roses. Also available for Couples.

LIME Spa Essentials

120 minutes

It combines a gentle exfoliation for your body depending on your skin type, footbath and a relaxing Ayurveda body massage. And a soothing foot massage.

LIME Hand and Foot Affair

60 minutes

This affair includes massages for the hands and feet with emollient creams, an invigorating foot soak and foot scrub leaving your feet soft, toned and revitalised.

LIME Hair and Scalp Care

60 minutes

A preventive care spa therapy for hair and scalp which includes an oil massage for the head followed by a soothing Ayurvedic herbal pack.

LIME Seduction (Couples / single)

180 minutes

A couple’s delight, it includes an exfoliating foot bath, a refreshing body polish and a full-body massage complete with a romantic floral bath. Also an herbal facial depending on your skin type! Also available individually.